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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Check out this goal from Dennis Seidenberg:

And check out this goal last week from Kevin Klein:

Both shots were from long range but Klein did the sneaky-fake-dump-in-then-throw-one-at-the-net move while Seidenberg just bombed one. But both shots took funny bounces like a short-hopper to 3rd base.

My question is this: are guys purposely skipping the puck at goalies from long range? If so, SICKNESS.



Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Lidstrom's center-ice goal did the same thing:


heals. said...

Those skipping dump-ins give me nightmares. In college I let in a bad goal like that in one game and in order to "re-build my confidence" (read: destroy what was left of my confidence) our coach designed a drill where every player would take shots from the far blue line trying to skip the puck or create weird bounces. A Every time I didn't handle the puck cleanly, the other 3 goalies had to sprint. Every goal they scored, everybody on the team sprinted. A whole hour we did this. Thanks, Coach. I've had 8 years of mild anxiety issues but I sure as shit never let in another one of those shots again.