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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Scott Gordon era has begun!

Not only has Gordon been successful in coaching duties in Providence College where he was an assistant and in the AHL coaching the Bruins farm club but, by all accounts, Gordon seems comfortable with handling of younger players. Is he the right man for the job? Will the chemistry be there and how quickly will players respond to the new regime? Where does Garth Snow fit in on all of this?

Also, when browsing through the many hockey blogs today see how many times people come up with some form of iteration of the joke about Gordon being AHL coach of the year and coming up to coach an AHL roster on the Island. Wah wah waaaaaaaaah.

I, unlike Scotty and Bress, did not grow up an Islanders fan but like what I'm seeing pre season.

- Young, talented lineup
- Retardly athletic goaltender
- Old cadre of veterans in Silli, Guerin and Weight
- Young coach with something to prove
- Crop of hardworking, scrappy, good personality guys that you can root for.
- Great relationship with The 2 Man Advantage

Jump on this bandwagon now. This is a grow story with tons of upside and is trading ultra cheap to its peers.
Yes, I am officially drinking the kool-aid: The Isles are the team of the future. I can't wait for training camp.

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