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Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up OR Fuck, I forgot hockey season ended

While drinking Friday night at the Tavern, it came to me why I was giving out hugs after the final buzzer sounded on the NHL season.... It was because this year was really fucking great. Not to be so self-grandiosizing, but there were a lot of great memories from this past hockey season, that really only came to fruition because of The 2 Man Advantage. Islanders training camp, the Winter Classic, dinner with the Isles prospects, etc. In general, the idea that my life could revolve around hockey was pretty sweet. And I get to hang out with some awesome people while doing that. Now of course, I played roller hockey with Artem and Nemmy and Scotty over the weekend. So really, nothings changed. But hockey was really good to me this year, so I can't wait till next season.

So just because the season is over, doesn't mean there isn't NHL news to discuss:

Dominick Hasek is expected to announce his retirement today. Didn't he do this once already? And then go play roller hockey and almost kill someone? I am confused?

Ron Wilson is expected to be named the new head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Great, so the Maple Leafs still have no talent, might lose their captain, and are still looking for a GM. But, at least they hired a coach.

Sami Kapanen retired, to go play in Finland. He wants to play for the team he owns in the FEL. So, if that team was almost in bankruptcy before he bought it, then he is the Finnish Mario Lemeiux.

Let me know if there was anything I missd in the comments.



f said...

CBC losses "hockey night in canada" theme song and then CST picks it up for TSN & RDS.

like that wont confuse canada and make the remotes go crazy when canadians try to switch channels thinking they are on the wrong one.

also small trade
Flyers get Danny Syvret (SIHV-reht) from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for forward Ryan Potulny

fireantzICEpilots said...


The Fayetteville FireAntz of the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) announced today that the club has re-signed forward Marc Norrington. He is the first player under contract for the 2008-09 campaign.


Nemmy said...

That's a great signing for the FireAntz. Norrington was a good 2-way center (+12, led the team) and was productive in the playoffs.

Did we miss Anthony the Ant's charity carnival?

Nemmy said...

What the hell am I talking about?