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Friday, March 14, 2008

The post where i compare players to characters in Cloverfield (SPOILER ALERT)

I know this movie came out like 2 months ago and I would be surprised if anyone remembered it or even saw it. I watched it last night and each of the main characters reminded me of a player from the NHL. And here we go...

Jason Hawkins - he's the brother of the main character and gets killed off early in the film. In the NHL he would be ....

Manny Fernandez

Tried to be the man in boston, got hurt and no one has heard from him since.

Marlena Diamond - Token not as hot chick who comes along for the ride, gets bitten, soldiers on, then explodes behind a curtain in an army hospital
In the NHL she would be ....

Simon Gagne

He had a concussion, tried to comeback and no just probably exploded somewhere.

Lily Ford - Girlfriend of Jason Hawkins, is the only one to make it out of Manhattan alive. In the NHL she is...

Marian Hossa

He is the only one to get out the death-trap that is Atlanta. Quick injury is similar to Lily getting out alive then realizing all her friends are dead.

Rob Hawkins - Main character, stupidly goes back for his smoking hot not-really girl friend. Ends up burried in rubble. In the NHL, he is...

Mats Sundin

He could have gotten out of Toronto, but instead is now burried under the rubble that is the rest of the team.

Beth McIntyre - Smoking hot chick that gets hurt that Rob goes back to get. Ends up dying.

In the NHL she is...

Peter Forsberg

He gets all the teams interested in him even though he's hurt. One team finally gets him, and then boom hes back on IR.
The Monster - terrorizes and destroys Manhattan.
Obviously thats Gary Bettman, if the Manhattan is the NHL.


Mr. W said...

WTF is Cloverfield???

Paul Nicholson said...

Fabulous analysis. That's why we pay you guys the big bucks.